• Things to do in Malibu California

    Things to do in Malibu California


    Malibu is an affluent beachfront city in north-western Los Angeles County, California. It consists of 21 mile (34 kms) strip of prime pacific coastline. Malibu is famous for its warm, sandy beaches and for being home for many Hollywood stars. It is a great place to go and relax and check out some of the Southern California history. Malibu possesses some of the most beautiful Pacific beaches in Los Angeles.

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  • Shelling on Sanibel Island, Florida

    Shelling on Sanibel Island, Florida


    Sanibel Island, found on the western or Gulf of Mexico coast of Florida is best recognized for its beachlocations along with a plethora of seashells. USA Today named Sanibel Island in their list of top ten beaches in the United States, and yes it brings in visitors from all around the globe. After large-scale winter storms or hurricanes is most likely the best time used for seashell hunts. Mollusks in the gulf die and their exoskeletons plunge towards the gulf’s bottom. When storms blow across the Gulf shells usually are brought in by it, plus the longer it is between these storms the larger the treasure trove of shells.

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  • Places to visit in Antigua

    Places to visit in Antigua


    With 365 beaches Antigua offers something new for every day of the year. So how can you decide what to do when you don’t have a whole year to experience he island? Antigua is an amazing place to spend your holidays and these are 5 places that you have absolutely have to see during your vacation.

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  • San Francisco Market Street and Chinatown

    San Francisco Market Street and Chinatown


    There are so many things to do in San Francisco , i will cover two great places in this amazing city first,San Francisco Market Street is, truly, a wonder of the modern world. It s got everything from beach paradise to big city business

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  • Terranea Resort California

    Terranea Resort California


    Sea breezes flows naturally at the Terranea Resort located on the uncrowded tip of the Los Angeles Palos Verdes peninsula, recalling a time of wild coastal bluffs dotted with haciendas. This large-scale luxury destination resort channels this in grand style on the singular spot of untamed coastline between L.A. and Orange counties. Unlike California of the 1800s, the Terranea Resort guests spend hours under the calming rapture of aromatic massages, delighting kids with the saltwater pool and indulging in menus designed for 21st century families..

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