• Taking The Perfect Bermuda Cruise

    Taking The Perfect Bermuda Cruise


    Whether honeymoon or a get-together of families or friends, a Bermuda cruise is the perfect way to enjoy. No matter what your likes or dislikes are; from pink sand beaches and shopping alleys to colorful nightclubs, Bermuda will have something to offer for the traveler looking for something extraordinary.

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  • The Hotel Castel Manastero, Tuscany Italy

    The Hotel Castel Manastero, Tuscany Italy


    The Castel Monastero sits in one of the most beautiful stretches of Tuscany; the Ombrone Valley, just 23km from Siena. Surrounded by four hectares of vineyards, chestnut forests and cypress trees, the Resort was originally a medieval village called Monastero dell’Ombrone; the records of the village dating back as far as 1050.

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  • The best way to see Pompeii

    The best way to see Pompeii


    Exploring Pompeii with an awesome guide. All around us, tourists began to run for the exits. In the distance, a low grumble poured over the valley between us and Mount Vesuvius. As infrequent yet massive drops of water left craters in the dust at our feet, Pompeii emptied out. Our guide, Ilaria, showed no signs of panic. She told us that the storm would pass without hitting us.

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  • 5 Places to visit in Tokyo Japan

    5 Places to visit in Tokyo Japan


    Tokyo is the capital of Japan and pride of Asia. This international city is the financial nerve of the global world. It is the symbol of rising Japan from the ashes of atomic fallout. Its grandeur is the focus of millions of international tourists around the world. Read on to find the top 5 tourist landmarks in Tokyo:

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  • New York City Must-Sees

    New York City Must-Sees


    You may stay in New York City for a few days or a few weeks, but New York City stays with you forever. Enjoy the native flora planted along the High Line, Manhattan’s new elevated greenway or take a stroll through Brooklyn’s prospect park.

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  • New Orleans, Louisiana The Garden District

    New Orleans, Louisiana The Garden District


    The epicentre of New Orleans high society and its richest architectural heritage, the Garden District was a vast plantation in the 1700s. Over time it was split into smaller parcels, and in the 19th century, well-endowed Anglo residents , whose wealth came from the city’s busy shipping trade, built massive mansions.

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