Bermuda is a lovely place to visit. King’s Wharf, the port the Norwegian Breakaway stops at, is an exciting place for shore excursions during your cruise vacation.
Snorkel Park may be the most well-known of the options in King’s Wharf, as an amazing snorkeling beach with lots to offer. You enter this white sand beach through a limestone tunnel to find sunken cannons and other underwater treasures. Designed primarily for families, this beach is worth a visit for the snorkeling alone. During your cruise shore excursions, be sure to stop in and enjoy it!

Bermuda Beach

Bermuda Beach


However, if Snorkel Park doesn’t suit your fancy, there are many other places to go when your cruise stops over in Bermuda. For example, there’s the Bermuda Maritime Museum, a place detailing 500 years of history and culture. Featuring exhibits such as “Bermuda’s Defense Heritage”; dedicated to defense fortifications, military forces, war vets and “Shipwreck Island“; telling the story of Bermuda’s discovery, colonization and settlement through shipwrecks. Most excitingly, the dolphins for Dolphin Quest may be viewed here.


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