10 great places to watch sports in New York City

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That may be partially true, with fantastic beers and Fantasy Football draft parties at this Bavarian beer hall with communal seating and — Did we mention? — lots of beer.

Beer Mugs


Excellent pairing: one stein with one NFL game. Repeat.
Photo courtesy of Hofbrau Bierhaus NYC


Finnerty’s not only organizes roundtrip bus rides to games, but it also offers BYOF (bring your own food).

Order in a pizza, and enjoy the game. It’s just like being at home.


Beer Garden

Johnny Utah’s NYC

A bar. A restaurant. NFL fans. And the owners of a mechanical bull. Because it’s always a good idea to get rowdy people together and have them try to stay balanced on a bucking fake animal.

It may not be wise, but it sure is a different angle for sports viewing here at Johnny Utah’s NYC.


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