5 fun kid-friendly excursions in Puerto Rico

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El Yuquen National Forrest


3.     El Yunque

A rainforest in the United States—who knew? El Yunque National Forest is the one and only and—lucky for us—it’s super-accessible. Only an hour from San Juan, it gives you the feel of being in the thick of the jungle. You can drive right in and park within just a few steps of plenty of cool observation areas, waterfalls, hiking trails and lookout points. There’s also a welcome center to get a better grip on what to see. Kids will get a huge thrill out of all the coquis, tree frogs that make non-stop “ko-key” noises. Keep your eyes peeled for the Puerto Rican parrot, one of the most endangered birds in the world, but don’t hold your breath—spotting one isn’t a sure thing. Bring rain gear—it is, after all, a rainforest and 100 billion gallons of rainwater is dumped on it every year.


4.   Rio Camuy Cave Park

The cool factor at these caves is through the roof—it’s the third-largest cave system in the world, formed more than a million years ago. Translation: Convincing kids to visit is as good as done. The trails take you 200 feet down into the earth. You can take a trolley ride through the caves and sinkholes, which have some odd types of fish (they’re blind!), plenty of bats and tons of ferns. Go on your own or pre-arrange a guided tour; either is an adventure. This isn’t just a way to kill an hour—plan on an entire day. Bring a picnic lunch, a camera to record all those crazy stalactites and stalagmites, and some extra coin for souvenirs.


Rio Camuy Cave Park



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