Acapulco- The Romantic Resort City

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Acapulco offers one of the best Spa in Mexico, take a dip in the hot tub, or enjoy sauna and massage. Villa Vera SPA is one of the largest and most sophisticated. Others include Alory and Willow Stream at the Fairmont.

Acapulco is generally hot and fairly humid. Most of the rain falls from June to October, when you can expect a little rain each day, with occasional tropical storms. The winter months of December to April are cooler and dry, whilst May and November are also very pleasant months to visit. January through March ­ only dip to around 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Highs year round average 88 degrees.

Regional Mexico, Acapulco tourism information office is located at:
38-A Costera Miguel Alemán, Acapulco, Tel: 52 744 484 8555

For information contact the Mexico Tourism and Travel Board at 800-446-3942 or visit

Mexico Peso

Most hotels and restaurants accept Credit Cards and US Dollars. ATMs are readily available and accept foreign bankcards. If you are taking travelers cheques then you should consider getting them in U.S. dollars for better acceptance and exchange rates in this popular Mexico tourism destination.

Tourists visiting Mexico should focus on total personal hygiene from washing hands and brushing teeth regularly, drinking bottled water and not to buy food from street vendors. Medicine should be kept to ward off the malarial infection. Acapulco tourism information office can also give you useful tips.

Also tourists should beware of drug traffickers and avoid if any of them tries to contact you. Police of Mexico is everywhere. At night you will see prostitutes along the La Condesa strip but prostitution is not legal here. Avoid the timeshare unless you are sure as they are often scams. Avoid people who try to be over friendly and over generous. Visit for most up to date security recommendations.


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