Visiting Cinque Terre in Italy

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According to ancient legend, Riomaggiore was founded by Greek refugees looking to escape persecution during the Byzantine empire. They picked this place because of the harbor, which is protected by two large mountain slabs. The town is also built into a river gorge, which is thus the name in Italian meaning “river major”. There are many colorful homes, and remote rocks that are perfect for sunbathing.


The most charming of all the villages perhaps is Vernazza. There are many narrow streets and small piazzas that make up the town’s character. It is also made up of pink-roof houses and there is also a medieval fort, castle and two towers that add to the ambiance. It is about a 90-minute hike to get here, but well worth it.

Therefore, if you are looking for the most beautiful part of Italy on your Italian holiday, then the Cinque Terre should be on your itinerary.



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