Amazing Hiking Trails in Arizona

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Paria Canyon. This hike starts in Utah, but right near the border, and immediately moves into Arizona. The road to the trailhead is frequently washed out, and so you need to keep a sharp eye on the weather to avoid flash floods. And, because the trail ends far away from the car, it’s nice to take advantage of a shuttle for the ride back, especially since this a multi-day trip. Additionally, as you will be going through wilderness area, you will need to obtain a permit from the BLM.

After the rains the trail gets muddy and prone to quicksand so you will have to pick around a bit. Once you actually get into the canyon, the trail disappears and you have to follow the river. You will be walking through a narrow slot canyon with spectacular formation. It is advisable not to take the trip if rain is forecast for any of the days that you plan to be hiking, because once you are in the Narrows you won’t be able to escape flash floods.

Other fantastic features include a cave “room” in one of the walls, Wrather Canyon (along with Wrather Arch), Judd Hollow, and other canyons and routes, as well as springs. The views and formations along this hike are amazing and worth the trip.Five Amazing Hiking Trails in Arizona



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