Berlin a fascinating modern city

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Jewish Museum. Or the Judisches Museum. It is the lagest and most unique museum in Europe. It is almost like the shape of Star of David and contains bizarre angles to symbolize the Holocaust.

Tiergarten. One of the world’s largest city parks. People can have picnics and grill parties, as well as the usual park activities such as jogging, playing frisbee, and strolling in the park.

Kurfürstendamm. One of the most famous avenues in the city. It is full of houses, hotels, restaurants, and also shops of the famous designers. Check out the showrooms of some of the high end car brands.

Brandenburg Gate. It is the most famous landmark in Berlin. Take a picture with this wonderful historical monument.

Victory Column. An important monument to honor the significant military campaigns.

Gendarmen Market. A dazzling plaza with many spectacular neoclassical buildings around it.

When visiting Berlin never miss to dine in some of its top restaurants:

Facil – specialty: alba truffles

Engelbecken – specialty: organic meat and seasonal produced such as roast organic veal meat loaf.

Anna Blume – specialty: homemade cakes and java coffee.

Spindler and Klatt – specialty: beef bavette and sesame potatoes.

Tartane – specialty: burgers and Kölsch beers from Cologne.

Indeed, Berlin is the place to party, relax and enjoy.


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