Discover Death Valley California on a Day Trip

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There are several interesting exhibits at the Borax Museum. The geological exhibit answered many of my questions about the unique rocks and soil I’d just seen along Artist’s Drive. There are also some very interesting artifacts on display from Death Valley’s mining era.

Furnace Creek

After cooling off at the Borax Museum, we had lunch at Wrangler’s in Furnace Creek. The food here was fine, but “all you can eat” seemed a bit out of place. Sizzling temperatures don’t do much to incite my appetite. I was surprised at the amenities available at Furnace Creek. A gas station, a golf course, and a souvenir-packed gift shop and store make Death Valley seem slightly less remote.

Golden Canyon

We headed out to explore some more scenic areas in Death Valley after our interlude at Furnace Creek. Not long after leaving town, we stopped for a “hike” at Golden Canyon. We started what was little more than a slow stroll along the trail at the end of a parking lot, and ended up in the center of a remarkable old canyon.

There are actually several canyons in this area rather than just one, and we took our time exploring a few of the side canyons in addition to the main one. Based on his former experiences, my friend had insisted I wear hiking boots instead of sandals on our trip. The loose rock and steep canyon walls would have been a real challenge to hike along otherwise, and I never would have reached the heights we did in flip flops.

Hiking at Golden Canyon is hot and tiring, but if you take your time and drink plenty of water along the way, you will be rewarded when you reach the ridges of the canyons. The view of Death Valley is simply stunning from atop these incredibly steep, narrow canyon walls, and it’s virtually impossible to take a poor photograph here.


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