Discover Death Valley California on a Day Trip

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If you continue along the main trail at Golden Canyon, you will eventually end up at the Red Cathedral walls. This is the perfect place to stop and take a lengthy break in the shade, which will be an incredibly welcome sight. While you rest, you can admire and photograph the beautiful coloration of the cliffs here.

yWe spent more than two hours hiking and exploring Golden Canyon, and by then it was mid-afternoon. Although I was anxious to see more of Death Valley, we had an hour drive home, and I was completely exhausted. The ceaseless sun and heat combined with the incredibly dry landscape takes its toll after a few hours if like me, you aren’t used to the desert.

A day trip is a great introduction to Death Valley, but I now realize one day is not nearly enough time to explore its many attractions. Not only are there a variety of natural attractions, there are also man-made attractions in Death Valley such as Scotty’s Castle. If you only have a limited amount of time, you can get a feel for Death Valley on a short excursion. At the end of the day, regardless of how hot and tired and dusty you feel, you’ll be eager for your next trip to explore more of Death Valley’s exciting and exhilarating attractions.




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