EcoTourism Flourishing in Dubai

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Ecotourism is virtually non-existent and the United Arab Emirates mainly because its desert environment is not really appropriate for it. Yet the emirate still has a lot to offer in terms of its great weather, shopping, dining, cultural experiences, and overall lifestyle. Dubai has gone to great lengths to promote luxury travel among a discriminating clients that includes some of the world’s wealthiest travelers Yet at the same time it is well within the reach of most tourists with a moderate budget.

If you’re considering a holiday to the Indian Ocean this year, you might also consider Dubai as part of a twin centee holiday. Stopping in Dubai for a couple of days before heading on to your final destination is a great way to reduce the fatigue of flying as well as being able to see a destination you might not otherwise get to. If you prefer to spend your entire holiday in Dubai, that’s also a good choice.




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