Egypt Holidays – The Architectural Wonder

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This is one of the major Egyptian attractions and is situated near the red sea. This city is a great way to add fun and entertainment to your holiday in Egypt, as the city is quite famous for its nightlife, bars, and clubs. Hurghada makes holidaying in Egypt a remarkable experience with its water sports, water activities, aquatic facilities and ‘glass boat ride’ to aquatic life under the sea. The city also has an amazing shopping bazaar to make your tour enjoyable.


Egypt ballon ride
Balloon ride


Luxor has a lot to offer to you when holidaying in Egypt or touring the land of mummies, such as the famous archeological rich Luxor temple, Karnak temple. The city also has amazing mummification museum for all those who are curious to know about the land of mummies. The city is also quite near to the burial land of great kings, known as the valley of kings.

Egypt is a land of sun and heat, thus it is always better to visit Egypt for its archeological treasures in the winter time, while if you are someone interested in Egyptian holiday for the water activities the best time to visit would be the summer or the months from may to October. Due to its mild temperature, these months are also idle for the family holiday.


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