Enjoy the Mediterranean sea in Sardinia Italy

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The “Kingdom of Sardinia” started from 1479 and it was under the rule of the Spanish Empire for 400 years. The year of 1880 saw a tragic famine which claimed 80,000 people out of a total population of 250,000. 1n 1708, the Austrians controlled Sardinia as the consequence of the Spanish War of Succession.

Finally, in 1848, the Italian Wars of Independence broke out to unite Italy and 23 years later, Sardinia joined the newly founded Kingdom of Italy. After two World Wars, in 1948, Sardinia was granted the special statute of autonomy. Sardinia now has become an EU region.

The economy of the region grows fast as tourism industry boots and also benefits from its best position of southern regions. However, the only problem is the island is too much isolated from the mainland of Italy.

Unlike mainland Italy, drivers here are more sedate and careful. Even so, the fun and freedom brought by hiring a car will not be influenced. The internal and local car rental companies can handle with different levels of budget.



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