Florence Oregon a beautiful coastal town

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A little further north is the highest point on the Oregon Coast – Cape Perpetua, where you can learn more about the area in the visitor’s center and, during winter, watch the whales as they migrate off the coastline.


WHERE: Florence, Oregon is along the central part of the Oregon Coast, due west from Eugene on Highway 126.

WHAT: The Florence area offers many of Oregon’s most spectacular natural resources and is a popular place for visitors who enjoy the scenic beauty of the Oregon Coast.

WHEN: Anytime of the year. Temperatures will be quite a bit cooler in winter and you can expect occasional winter storms. Roads and accommodations will be more croweded in summer.

WHY: This area offers a different set of attractions than you find along the popular northern part of the Oregon Coast and, in some respects, may be a little quieter during peak travel times. Easy access from Eugene makes this an attractive loop route traveling south on I-5 to Eugene, 126 over to Florence and then north on the coast until you take one of several highways east to I-5.


For more information visit http://visittheoregoncoast.com/cities/florence/



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