London Bridges

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3. Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge is a foot traffic only bridge, otherwise called a footbridge. Bridge makers began in 1998 with the bridge opening just 2 years after the fact. Sadly, the opening was verging on excessively early. The bridge was nicknamed “Wobbly Bridge” since the bridge started to tremble with too many people on it. Millennium Bridge was shut down and re-opened in an additional two years. It’s safe now.

Around evening time, lights make the bridge shine a light greenish blue shade. The bridge sports an one of a kind design that is suitable for its name and opening year of 2000. It’s a suspension bridge that is 1,214 feet long. The bridge crosses River Thames and joins Queenhithe to Southwark. It’s a short stroll, under 10 minutes. It’s near the Tate Modern Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and St Paul’s Cathedral. I propose crossing the bridge provided that you’re in the region.

4. Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge was implicit 1862. It joins Westminster to Lambeth. Close to the bridge, you’ll find Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. It’s truly exceptionally packed at Westminster Bridge. Generally, you’ll find more than enough voyagers standing on the bridge attempting to get a great photo of Big Ben.

A stroll along the bridge will bring about entertainment from several street performers. I recommend strolling along, particularly since you’re going to be in the area for Big Ben or Westminster Abbey already. Westminster Bridge additionally has an incredible perspective of the London Eye.


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