Martinique a great vacation spot

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The climate is tropical and humid with a temperature range of 75degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees. The rainy season is June to October when it is regularly visited by tropical cyclones. There are tourist seasons on Martinique with high season from December to April, but you must expect much higher prices and crowds of tourists. May to November is quiet with the associated weather risks. The months of May and June are a good time to visit, with few tourists with low humidity and low prices. July and August are hot and humid with quite a lot of rain but the weather is really pleasant especially for touring around. It is potentially the cyclone season but their potential is a good reason for avoiding September.

Martinique gives you the option to just lie around and relax in a beautiful place, but also to take part in every land and offshore activity that you can think of, and are the same but different as on other islands. However there are additional activities that the terrain allows you won’t find anywhere else, such as Canyoning.

There is something for everyone on Martinique, all you have to do is to go there and experience it for yourself



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