Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse South Dakota

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Crazy Horse Memorial
Crazy Horse Memorial

In 1939, as the faces of the presidents were emerging from the granite, the Sioux began planning their own memorial, inviting Boston-born sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski to carve the image of Crazy Horse into another Black Hills mountain, 17 miles southwest of Rushmore. Work finally began in 1947 on Ziolkowski’s grand vision. Unlike the sculptures at Rushmore, which are carved into just one side of a peak, Crazy Horse would be sculpted in the round, the great chief sitting astride a horse, his arm outstretched. The memorial would also be massive, measuring 563 feet high and 641 feet long, utterly dwarfing Rushmore. (His arm alone is longer than a football field.)

Such a thing takes time and effort. Following his death in 1982, Ziolkowski’s family has carried on with the work. Today, with several million tons of rock blasted away from the mountain, Crazy Horse’s head, arm and the top of his horse’s head are in various states of completion. A final completion date is impossible to predict, but, as the project’s motto says: “Never forget your dreams.”



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