Paso Robles Wine Tour, Create Your Own

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Next, you may want to consider costs. Some Paso Robles wineries do have complimentary wine tasting, but your selection may be limited. You may find it the best value for your money to pay for wine tasting. On average, it is $4 per person. This is a great deal, but that cost can add up over the course of a day. For that reason, mix it up. Visit a winery that offers complimentary tasting, but have your next stop be one where you must pay a small fee. Remember, that fee often gains you access to better wines, as well as gourmet foods, including samples sizes of select cheeses and deli meats.

When choosing Paso Robles wineries for your independent wine tour, consider events. Some wineries have events scheduled. These events may include an educational session on paring foods with wine, music concerts, and facility tours. Look for events that are admission free or included in the cost of tasting. Speaking of events, each year, many Paso Robles wineries come together to provide tourists with wine festivals and large wine tasting events. If you have the freedom to pick and choose your travel dates, keep these large events in mind.

Finally, when choosing Paso Robles wineries to stop at, examine location. What is nice about Paso Robles is that the wineries are located in clusters, meaning you may find five or more wineries adjacent to each other. To reduce your travel time, expenses, and to give you more time to enjoy wine tasting, choose wineries that are located close to each other in clusters. At the very least, map out your intended route of travel to prevent backtracking.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, your independent Paso Robles wine tour is sure to be a success. Remember, as nice as having control is, there is always the option of making reservations for a guided tour.


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