Places to visit in Argentina

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The Patagonia region found in the south of Argentina – that also moves into Chile – is a particularly unique area to visit. There are glaciers, forests, lakes and mountains.

A wildlife sanctuary, Península Valdés, is the home for many animals and birds like whales, penguins, sea elephants, sea lions, egrets, cormorants, flamingos and many more. It’s an ideal location for adventure sports such as mountain biking, wind surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing, sailing and snorkeling.

For those vacationers who aren’t interested in taking an adventure holiday, or who want a bit of a break from it, take a ride on the Train to the Clouds, Tren de las Nubes.

The route rises to as much as 4000 meters, making it the world’s 3rd highest train. Because of the height, it is frequently surrounded by clouds.

Another less active but certainly enjoyable trip is to the Mendoza region which is located in the northwest so could perhaps be combined with a trip to Catamarca. This is the best place for trying some of the many outstanding varieties of wine that Argentina has to offer.


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