Places to visit in Sicily Italy

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Ortygia Island in Syracuse is filled with dozens of ancient ruins that played a role in Greek mythology and date back as far as the 6th century BC. The Temple of Apollo and Doric Temple are two of the main features of the ruins.

If you’re a movie buff, be sure to include the cities of Forza D’Argo and Savoca in your Sicily tours. These cities are where scenes from the movie ‘The Godfather’ were filmed, and visiting the sites would make a wonderful stop for anyone who loved the movie.

There are so many historical and cultural areas to visit while in Sicily, it really does pay to set up Italy vacation packages to ensure you won’t miss any. Set up a meeting with your travel agent to go over all of the different Sicily vacations, so you can choose one that appeals to your interests. You may not get to see all of the sights that Sicily has to offer, but you can see the ones that appeal to your personality and tastes the most.

Cheap vacations don’t have to seem cheap, and short vacations can still give you all the stress relief and relaxation you need to completely recharge.



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