Places To Visit On Your Jordan Trip

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Jerash Jordan Roman Ruins
Jerash Jordan Roman Ruins


Bazaar, bazaar Jordan’s bazaars are overflowing with gold, silver and amber jewellery, camel-hair shawls, handmade glass and furniture made from olive wood or inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Other bargains include Bedouin rugs and tapestries, handwoven baskets, copperware and long-spouted coffee pots. It’s pointless to haggle in the boutiques, but bartering is mandatory in the bazaars’ open-air stalls — you can often reduce the price by half by bargaining.


South Beach Aqaba is the only coastal city in the country and is located on the Red Sea in the southernmost part of Jordan, between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The winter palace of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania — the reigning monarchs of Jordan — is in Aqaba, and you will find both bikini-clad babes and women in veils on its beaches. With an average water temperature of 23 degrees Celcius, gentle currents and a mild climate, Aqaba has a coral reef that is Nemo heaven, with seasonal visitors such as sea turtles, dolphins, walruses and the solitary whale shark. (This giant plankton-eater is harmless to humans.)

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