Touring Queenstown, New Zealand

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The Queenstown Garden is a lovely place with colorful honey coated flowers, dew resting lawns and shade giving trees. Take a speedboat ride on the lake and explore the beauty of the park and the lake. Elders can sit relaxed on the park benches and enjoy the freshness, kids can play as their heart desires and couples can have a romantic walk on the beautiful pathways. Find a budget hotel in Queenstown garden area to enjoy an early morning jogging and a late evening walk in the garden.

The Kiwi Birdlife Park is a treat for your kids, there are a number of bird species in the park where kiwis definitely steal the show. You can watch bird shows and even feed them, take enormous photographs with your favorite birds and make it a memorable trip.

Tour the vineyards to explore the grape gardens and taste the different flavors of wine. Queenstown is home for a number of award winning wineries, where purest grape wine could be found. Taste, enjoy and buy it for your loved ones.



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