The best Beaches of Maui

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Number 2: Black Sand Beach near Hana

This beach is located within Waianapanapa State Park. It does not offer the best swimming and it is not the biggest, so why did I rate it Number2? This is a real black sand beach with a lava tube. The beach owes its black sand to lava that was meeting the ocean here. The rapid cooling shattered the lava and broke it up like glass. Over time the water washed it round and now it is black sand. To see this process in action, I recommend you read the article about Lava Hiking on the Big Island. So this may be what the lava flows of the Big Island will end up looking like. If you come here in the morning, you may still have the beach to yourself as most visitors from the hotels near Lahaina arrive much later during the day. The lava tube located at the east side of the beach (right when you are looking towards the water) is an example of how lava flows underground, barely cooling until it reaches the beach. You can climb inside the tube.

There are more things to explore within the Park like salt-freshwater caves or a hole near the beach that blows water like a giant wale (it is being hit by waves which are being forced up through the hole like a geyser during high tides).

Number 3: Kahekili Beach and Kaanapali Beach

This may be the beach you will see in many hotel brochures, mainly because the beach is flanked by Hotels, but also because it is a really good beach. There are only two things I did not like about the beach. There is virtually no shade (bring a beach umbrella) and it is one of the most visited beaches on the island. If you happen to have booked a hotel here, you have all the conveniences of your hotel right next to the beach.


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