The best Beaches of Maui

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One of my favorite beaches here is Poolenalena near Wailua. Here I spent a whole afternoon almost alone during my last visit. I was even able to record a whole hour of beach scene on my video camera without anyone showing up and disturbing the scene. I now use this as my window to the beach on my DIY digital picture frame 🙂

Maluaka Beach

Also known as Paipu Beach, Pepeiao-lepo Beach, Love Beach, Keauhou Beach and Makena Surf Beach. Like many other beaches, lava rocks flank this beach on each side, which makes for wonderful snorkeling.

Another fine beach here is Maluaka beach.

Paako Beach (Secret Cove) is a smaller beach. It is one of the beaches where couples like to have their wedding ceremony.

Number 6: Big Beach

This is another picture perfect beach. As the name suggests, it is one of the larger beaches on Maui. It is a very popular beach, so don’t ever expect to be alone here. There are many shady spots underneath palm trees, but most of them are taken. During high season you may have a hard time finding a really good spot or even finding tranquility.

Nevertheless it is a dream beach and if you are here during off-season you should not miss out on this one. The waters are perfect with enough waves to attract boogie boarders or maybe even enough for you to try body surfing. Lava rocks on its south side and the hill on the north side flank the beach and make it a wonderful playground for children. If you are looking for a party beach, I guess this is it. If you are looking for a quiet beach, it’s not. So if you are the party type, you can consider this beach to be much higher on the list (if not even Number 1).


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