The Spectacular Mt. Kilimanjaro

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Surreal alpine is a desert that also supports the life of many animals like the lichen and mosses. The best part of this mountain is that you can also find some vestigial vegetation here. All these things enhance the beauty and magnificence of the mountain.

Interesting Facts about the National Park:

This historic and beautiful park is spread across 641 square mile area. It is located on the Northern Tanzania, near a small and peaceful town called Moshi. From the main Kilimanjaro airport it takes only one hour to reach this place. The other alternative is through the Arusha, which is 128 kilometers away from this place.

It is an ideal place for trekking and the guide can help you in reaching the summit without much risk. On the way, you can enjoy the sites of many other places that are equally beautiful. There are day and night trekking programs organized by the authorities. Trout fishing is another impressive place, where you can spend a day relaxing with your friends, family, or alone.

Kilimanjaro is indeed a fabulous place to visit, especially if you love adventure and intend to admire the glory of the nature.

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