The Top Attractions in Phoenix Arizona

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Heritage Square

The focus of Heritage Square is the Rosson House together with seven other homes lovingly and painstakingly restored to their original state in the late 1800 s. In addition to a large number of exhibits showing Phoenix s origins you will also find ample opportunity for eating, shopping and educational activities.

Pueblo Grande Museum

Discover the ruins of the original settles of the Valley of the Sun and the Hohokam Indians who carved the first canals and pathways across the land, many of which were followed by the white settlers in the late 1800 s. You will find in the museum the actual ruins of the 12th Century Hohokam settlement along with the remains of the original irrigation canals made to bring the Valley to life from the desert.

South Mountain Park

Phoenix is a city of firsts and no less than with South Mountain Park which is the world s largest city park and a focus of activities for the whole area. You will find within the 15,000 acres of desert and arid country miles of trails for hiking, riding and mountain biking as well as many other activities catered for including rock climbing.

Phoenix Art Museum

With an enormous collection of European, Oriental and native art, the Phoenix Museum has something for all cultural and artistic tastes. There are more than 17,000 works of art on display in a museum which is itself an architectural work of interest providing scope for wide ranging exhibits and plenty of visitor interaction.



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