Tips Protected Your Information while Using Airport Wi-Fi Internet

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Tips for Safe Browsing Using Wi-Fi at Airports

If it becomes necessary to connect to internet using Wi-Fi network at the airport, here is what novice travelers can do to keep their personal data secured from various cyber attacks:

• Install a good firewall and antivirus on your laptop to keep hackers and viruses at bay.

• Set the Bluetooth devices on off mode so that it may not get connected to any unsafe network connection automatically.

• Set your laptop’s network settings to ask for permission before connecting to any unknown network.

• Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) if available; it creates a secured bridge between your laptop and the public network and hence protects your data from being shared.

• Be careful while entering sensitive data to avoid the chances of sending them to cyberspace.

• The public networks are not safe to carry out online banking and transactions.

• Check for “https://” before credit card or banking transactions. This confirms that the web page is secured.

• Avoid sending confidential mails while using public network. Prefer secured web email client over software like Outlook.

• Consult the airport authorities or check airport’s website to read about airport’s Wi-Fi service and to get the information on the legitimate Wi-Fi hotspots and networks.




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