Top 10 Buenos Aires Argentina Attractions

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3. The Recoleta Cemetery

The Recoleta Cemetery in the elite neighborhood of Recoleta brings to life the history of its country like no other graveyard in the world. Presidents, dictators, legends, heroes and scoundrels are all buried side by side in a gorgeous display of sculptures and architectural masterpieces. Evita Peron is buried here after her corpse was stolen and copied and stolen again. The cemetery is 13 acres and it can be easy to get lost so a knowledgeable English speaking tour guide is a must.

4. San Telmo

San Telmo is the most unique neighborhood in Buenos Aires with vintage Spanish architecture, interesting restaurants and nightlife including tango shows. Also found along these cobblestone streets are antique shops and the history of Tango. On Sunday, Plaza Dorrego is filled with arts and crafts booths and in the evening, this historic square turns into a giant tango dance called a milonga. This is the arts district and bohemian area of Buenos Aires and although there are many tourists, it is a good idea not to dress too flashy.

5. Caminito

Caminito is the world’s first outdoor museum and can be found in the working class neighborhood of La Boca, which is anything but a museum. Caminito has a strong Tango theme amidst the coventillos, or old dwellings of the Italian immigrants that came to the city and worked on the docks. An artist named Jaun Quinquela Benito painted these small houses many colors making this a vibrant and fascinating area of the city. Here you will find tango cafes, arts and crafts and many tourists. This area closes early at 6pm and can be a little rough after dark.

6. The Colon Theater

The Colon Theater is still one of the best opera houses in the world and has held that title for 100 years due to the acoustical design and beautifully constructed interior. The Teatro Colon also houses one of the most extensive costumes collections on the planet. Tours of this Buenos Aires attraction are currently Monday through Friday beginning at 11am.


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