Touring Sao Paulo Brazil

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Music has a very important value in the culture of Sao Paulo. The traditional form of music is called Samba music which is famous all around Brazil. For the promotion of music there are a number of concert halls, theatres and places which help a lot in the field of music. Along with the latest types of music the people of Sao Paulo also like to hear the classical music. The city also has two operas which are named as “Teatro Municipal de São Paulo” and the other one is called “Theatro São Pedro”.

Like the whole of Brazil, football is the most played and watched game of the city. The youngsters of Sao Paulo love to join youth football clubs of different football teams and they are very passionate about the game. The teams which represent Sao Paulo in Brazilian league are Corinthians, Palmeiras, and Sao Paulo football club. Morumbi stadium is considered as the biggest stadium of the city. Sao Paulo is likely to host some of the matches of 2014 FIFA world cup also.




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