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Like many Greek islands, the main town has the same name as the island itself and Rhodes town is certainly full of interesting attractions. It has its fair share of tourist developments, including large hotels and shopping areas but it also has a wealth of history to explore and enjoy. The medieval part of the city, sitting high above the harbour, dates back many hundreds of years and old fortifications indicate that the town was often subjected to siege and invasion over the centuries. It is this part of Rhodes that attracts many visitors.

The large palace surrounded by paved walkways and alleyways, combined with squares, courtyards and gateways provides an old town that illustrates architecture and style throughout the ages.

The main fortress is divided into northern and southern halves. In the south the Hora houses a Turkish bazaar and other markets, while the northern section, the Kollakio, has the Street of Knights the palace of the Grand Master. Rhodes town, which is accessed by one of eleven ancient gateways, has been nominated as a site of world cultural heritage by UNESCO, one of only 878 in the world.

Rhodes is also a very green town, with areas of grassland between the old castles and many tree lined avenues. It certainly makes a stroll around the town a very pleasant way to pass the time.

The harbour is a central focal point for the capital and, although not large by any means, has an interesting mix of old and modern boats. It is also a stopping point for larger passenger ships and island hopping cruise ships.

Flights into Rhodes arrive at Diagoras International Airport, which is situated south west of Rhodes town, about 15 kilometers away. The airport takes a mix of national flights, mainly from Athens and charter flights from abroad bringing holidaymakers to the island. The airport was opened in the late seventies but benefits from a new terminal which opened 3 years ago.


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