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I will not write about shopping and the beauties of Brisbane, although the city truly is beautiful. That is not why I came to the Land of Plenty. The main reason was the fact that Oz has plenty of beaches, around 10.000, to be exact. My primary destinations were the beaches of Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast said to be among the most beautiful in the world, which surely isn`t far from the truth. I knew I will have time for swimming, so first I set off to try surfing at the famed Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast. According to the official internet site, “infamous superbank” is one of, if not the best surfing beach in the world and home of the Roxy Pro and Quicksilver Pro.

Although I didn`t surf, I consider myself somewhat of a fan so I had some knowledge of the sport before I had set out to catch some waves. As a beginner, I can tell you that it is much harder than it looks. It is also incredibly exciting and rewarding, so much that it was enough to catch a single wave properly and I was hooked. Someone may think it is silly to travel halfway across the planet just to try something you can do about a hundred miles from home. Maybe it is, but I wanted to make it kind of a special experience. And I am glad I waited.


Snapper Rocks

Swimming and the Calm North

Beaches on the Gold Coast are beautiful and have a distinctive golden shine in the sunset, but they can be harsh to an inexperienced swimmer due to constantly changing conditions that bring gutters, rips and currents. You can enjoy a mere dipping any day of the week, but the beaches of Sunshine Coast are more suitable for swimming. For that purpose, I can sincerely recommend Kings Beach and Golden Beach, among others. You will have every imaginable perk at your disposal, while enjoying the break from swimming with generally very friendly, outgoing and very pleasant Australians.


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