Victoria Falls one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

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There are also meticulous points from where elephant cross the river in dry seasons. There are 39 types of fishes below the Victoria Falls and 89 types of fishes above the Victoria Falls. So its means that fall can be dividing in to two barriers between the upper and lower Zambezi. It is calculated in the end of 1990s that approximately 300,000 people visits Victoria Falls annually. If you are going to see Victoria Falls you can go by the train or bus. The Victoria Falls visit is not too much expensive. In Victoria Falls you will see more Zimbabwean and Zambian tourists’ then international tourists.

The best and new feature is a naturally shaped pool which name is the Devil’s Pool. It is near the border of the Victoria Falls. Many of tourists swim in the months of September to December because in these months the river stream is at the safe level. There are more visitors who come from the Zimbabwean side than the Zambia side.




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