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9. The Waterfront Hall

Located to the north of Donegall Square, the Waterfront Hall is the main concert and conference venue in Central Belfast. Its main auditorium is renowned for having the best acoustics of any performance hall in Europe and regularly hosts major musical shows. Since it was constructed in 1997, the Waterfront Hall has been a significant contributor to the Belfast economy, generating £10 for every £1 spent on its construction.

10. The Bar Council & Bar Library of Northern Ireland

Its doors may be closed to the public, but it is worth a visit if only to appreciate its striking architectural design. Designed by local architects Robinson McIlwaine, the Bar Council & Bar Library of Northern Ireland appears to be one seamless building, but is actually two dramatically different designs, a result of having two clients with vastly different budgets. The northern side features the elaborate, opulent and expensively designed residences of Belfast’s barristers while the southern side houses the cheaper and modestly designed Royal Courts of Justice Stamp Office (a tax-payer-funded government agency).

11. Belfast Print Workshop and Gallery

Located on Waring Street, the Belfast Print Workshop and Gallery usually features fine exhibits of local artists. It also doubles as a workshop where local artists can print their work.


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