Visit the best South African Beaches

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This is a great place for a family vacation, or even a little time away from the world. Willard Beach The main attraction in the list of KwaZulu/Natal beaches, this is a great spot to bring the kids along. There is a variety of watersports to enjoy & of course, an amazing blend of seafood & beach ambience would set the mood for a romantic evening.

Cape Vidal This is one of the few coastal regions of South Africa that have managed to stay off the list of the bulk of the tourists, even though it is one of the most beautiful regions. Calm & peaceful, & completely eco-friendly, the beach is a great spot for a relaxing vacation, away from the hustle of everyday life. South African beaches are the place to spend your vacation, be it with family or with just your special someone. These beaches provide ample means of entertainment, watersports for the adventurous & serenity for the peace-loving soul.




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