Visiting Beatifull Santa Cruz California’s

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Our own drive north on Highway 9 was short but productive. Not only did we get a look at Henry Cowell State Park with its towering redwoods, trickling streams and recreation trails, but we also had a chance to stop by the small, inconspicuous wood building that now houses the Bigfoot Museum. Most days, proprietor Mike Rugg is watching the store all by himself and, no doubt, will be more than willing to share with you his many Bigfoot stories — as he did with us.

Understand that Mike has never actually seen a Bigfoot ‘ at least not that he can say with any degree of certainty. But he became convinced about the creature’s authenticity when he did a college term paper on the subject. While the professor gave him only a “C” on the report and dismissed his research as having as much ‘ or little ‘ validity as a UFO sighting, Rugg was undeterred.

Bigfoot is supposed to be a creature perhaps eight feet tall that resembles a gorilla and is said to roam remote mountain regions of the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and other locations. While little scientific evidence supports the claim, there are hundreds of sightings reported and one grainy home movie that Rugg is convinced is the real deal. The Bigfoot Museum features a six-foot-high blowup of a frame from that movie and Rugg has numerous footprint casts and other items on display to help convince you he’s right. Since the museum opened in July, visitors have added many more sightings to his wall-size pin map showing just where Bigfoot has been spotted.

Whether it’s hairy creatures in the mountains or colorful creatures downtown, Santa Cruz offers a surprising collection of curiosities and attractions that make it a unique destination ‘ a truly flavorful slice of California.


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