Visiting Monticello the Home of Thomas Jefferson

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The room inside was called ‘noble and beautiful’ by some visitors, but it rarely was used by anyone. This is likely because it is very hot in the summer and freezing cold in winter. Also the room could only be reached by climbing a steep and narrow set of stairs. In recent years, the famous dome room has been repainted and restored to how it looked during Jefferon’s life.

Much of the interior decoration you see on your visit was a reflection of the ideas and tastes of Thomas Jefferson.

A large clock face is on one wall and it has only an hour hand. Jefferson thought that this was enough information for the laborers. Also, the south wing of the house has Jefferson’s own rooms. The library has many of the books from Jefferson’s third library collection of books. His first library was destroyed in a fire, and his second was sold to the US Congress in 1815. This 2nd library was the beginning of the Library of Congress.

The entire house of Monticello has about 11,000 square feet of living space.

Monticello is quite a fascinating place to visit, and the gardens are truly amazing to see in the spring and summer.

It is very much worth a visit the next time you are in Virginia.



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