Visiting the City Bogota Colombia

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Parque Simon Bolivar.

La Candelaria is the oldest Bogota neighborhood with many century old churches and museums. A landmark city with long list of historical events, La Candelaria is a place worth a visit. Walk along the narrow streets with quaint shops, houses and old buildings.

Visit the city of melting pot for its vast cultural reflections. National monuments erected around the city center together with sporting venues to watch some awesome games. Abundant museums closer to 50 are scattered in the city for interesting history lessons. For those who loves art and culture, over sixty art galleries will spell bound you with impressive and truly inspiring talent. It’s a paradise for book lovers to get lost in over twenty odd library networks with plenty of documentaries, rare articles and books.

Watch some live performing plays at stage theaters to get a glimpse of the live arts and culture of Bogota. Revealing about the culture of Bogota should be experienced rather spoken. It’s unbelievable and truly mesmerizing. Plan a trip and make it to Bogota to experience.




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