Walkable Washington DC

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Viewfinder Tip: Be sure to bring a map when you navigate Washington, D.C. The city grid can be confusing, particularly when on foot.

Crime Museum

With short attention spans, we find the more involved in the experience we are, the better the chance we won’t wander off at the sight of something shiny. The Crime Museum is perfect for people like us. This museum offers hands-on forensic workshops that are taught by real forensic scientists.You can learn about everything from fraud and forgery to crime scene investigation, putting yourself in a position to channel you inner CSI. Elsewhere in the museum, you can experience a police chase in pursuit of a speeding car with police driving simulators that are used in police academies for training, or put your skills to the test in weapon accuracy and judgment at a simulated FBI shooting range.

This is a full two-day itinerary. In fact, you could spend an entire day at the National Museum of History alone. We like to pack in as much as we can, even when we have just a couple days. We call this approach our “sampler platter’,” since we only do it when we know we will come back for more of what we loved on another trip. In the case of Washington, D.C., the only question is when.


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