What to do in Punta Del Este?

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There are a lot of restaurants in Punta del Este where you’d be able to get a taste of the local, fresh seafood that is sure to whet your appetite. They also offer menus and specialties from around the world. I would suggest checking out the restaurants in Jose Ignacio. What’s wonderful about these restaurants is that they’re situated close to the beach which adds to the relaxing atmosphere and romantic ambiance.

If basking under the sun is your idea of fun, you’d never be disappointed with whole array of daytime sports activities that Punta del Este has to offer. You could go swimming, sailing, play golf or tennis which is only a few of the many outdoor sports that is there for you to enjoy. I’m sure the ladies would enjoy going shopping in Punta del Este’s unique specialty shops as well.

Your Punta del Este travel would never be complete without checking out the local nightlife. La Barra is where the action is. Its streets are lined with great cafes, unique shops, restaurants and bars that would be sure to satisfy the party animal in you. This town is considered the center for all fun and excitement in Punta del Este. The streets are crowded even until the wee hours of the morning. There’s never a dull moment in this town.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to hang out on the side of the roads, hang out in its rocking discotheques or even just be content having a grand time sipping wine in one of its local restaurants and cafes. The people are all beautiful and friendly. It’s a place where the rich elite and the surfing crowd meet which adds to the unique and sexy party atmosphere.


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