Breckenridge, Colorado

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Breckenridge is a 149-year-old quaint Victorian town in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. As one of the nation?s premier year-round resorts, Breckenridge has an incredible selection of recreational activities. Breckenridge Central Reservations offers the widest variety of lodging options with local experts to guide you.

As one of the nation’s premier year-round destinations, Breckenridge offers an incredible selection of activities that help you unleash your sense of adventure or unwind from a hectic schedule. Either way, don’t be surprised when you make new friends that feel like old ones.

After all, the community prides itself on its inviting nature. See it first-hand when you explore downtown Breckenridge. Still need motivation? Consider Breck’s 300 days of sunshine (and 300 inches of snow!) your anytime invitation.