Top-rated vacation destinations in North America

When it comes to living your best life, why not reach for the top? Traveling is one of the very best ways to live big, and we have compiled a list of North American destinations that have proven their A-list status to travelers.

This list includes cities with 600+ reviews, ranked in order from highest to lowest of the 50 best. From hotels that pull out all the stops to attractions that leave you speechless, the charms of these places pack a big punch, offering hospitality worthy of a prize. Here are the top-rated vacation destinations.

  1. Wailea, Hawaii


Hawaii understands dream-worthy vacations, and Wailea takes top tier in the eyes of our reviewers. Dive right into your visit with fresh air, clear water, and pristine coastal views as you learn to navigate a standup paddle or surfboard at a lesson with Maui Wave Riders, 5 miles north. For a post-surf refresher, the cocktails at Gannonas will leave you with the warm fuzzies as you catch a fiery sunset from the best vantage point on Maui.

Stay for dinner, or head to Morimoto Maui, where the chef is a celeb, the scene is serene, and the food is next-level. After an experience of that caliber, tawdry digs will not do. Rest easy the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea goes above and beyond in beauty, comfort, and hospitality.

  1. Quebec City, Quebec

As one of the oldest European settlements in North America, Quebec City sets the standard for aging gracefully. Take Hotel Le Germain, for instance. The building is 100 years old, but the interiors are sleek, modern, and stylish. The bustling Old Port Market is less than half a mile west, and freshness is a virtue here, from just-picked produce to breads straight from the oven.


Top Hotels in London, England

An attractive quote reads “A bad day in London, is still better than a good day anywhere else”. This quote clearly explains how special London is. This holds true not just for the people staying there, but also for people visiting this city as tourists from some other countries.

There are many attractive places to explore in this great city of England. But, you should first make sure that you have chosen the best place for your accommodation in the city, isn’t? To help you, let us explore some details about some top hotels in London, England.

Big Ben

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Top Hotels in Fiji

Situated on the mainland of the South Pacific, Fiji is a country blessed with more than 300 tropical islands. These islands are the home for some of the happiest people on the earth.


The excellent thing about this country is that she is known for her luxurious private-islands. There are culinary destinations, top space and of course all-inclusive resorts. Most importantly, outdoor adventures truly attract tourists from across the world to this destination.

Beautiful Fiji islands


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Top Places to Visit in Los Angeles California

A quote from Delia Ephron reads ‘In Los Angeles, by the time you’re 35, you’re older than most of the buildings’. Yes, things keep changing in this city very quickly.

This sprawling city in Southern California has international recognition. Do you know what for the city has earned the recognition? Yes, you are right she is popular as the entertainment and film land. To be more specific she is popular for the Hollywood.


Los Angeles Venice Beach California

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10 Great Attractions in New York City

There are certain cities that you visit for the food, the scenery, the nightlife, or the shopping. And then there’s New York – the city you come to for everything. With so much to experience in any given New York minute, it can be daunting to plan a list of musts, and it’s easy to feel guilty for not making it to everything.

new york city skyline

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Top things to do in Austin for 30-somethings

Finding your own way to keep it weird in Austin Texas. When you arrive in the Live Music Capital of the World, you’ll notice signs insisting you Keep Austin Weird. But what does that mean, exactly? Certainly, weird had a different connotation in your 20s than it does once you hit the big 3-0.

There are probably fewer temporary tattoos and blue cocktails involved, and you have a bigger budget to make out-of-the-box decisions. The next time you travel to Austin, Texas, you should be armed with the best info. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Austin for 30-somethings.

University of Texas at Austin

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5 Best Hotels in Aruba

As you know, summer is the excellent time to get together with your family. This is the best time to have fun and you can get the best relaxation when you choose the right spot to tour.


Aruba beaches
Aruba beaches

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Best Travel Apps to Make Your Trips Hassle Free

Are you a frequent traveler? Have you been traveling a lot for many years now? If your answers to these questions are affirmative, you know that traveling has changed a lot these days. Yes, thanks to the technology. We should thank the web and the smart phones that have changed our lives a lot.

Nowadays, smart phones are making a revolution in our lives. Thanks to the smart phone applications and the app developers. Some of the best travel apps are helping travel enthusiasts from around the world. Irrespective of the place of your visit, you can get the best help from these applications.

best travel apps

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