Hotel Owners and Managers


Are there times when you look out at your reservation system and see alot of empty rooms? Our mission at eTravelTrips.com is to fill those empty hotel rooms.

eTravelTrips.com is an easy-to-use, affordable program that allows hotels to market their hotel and sell to thousands of avid travelers each month. eTravelTrips.com receives approximately 1,000,000 page views per month, from travelers all over the country. Each Hotel has its own page, allowing users to learn about its facility and, for affiliated hotels, purchase hotel vouchers.

However, we are much more than a web site. eTravelTrips.com is a co-op marketing program for hotels. Agreeing to become a eTravelTrips.com affiliate entitles you to the power of an aggressive advertising and public relations program designed to drive traffic to eTravelTrips.com and ultimately sell your unused hotel rooms.

Best of all it’s FREE! Unlike our competition, eTravelTrips.com does not charge hotels to participate. We pay the Hotel!

Here’s How The Hotel Uses The Website:

The Hotel agrees to let eTravelTrips.com market and sell vouchers  (called hotel vouchers).
Hotel can also sell vouchers through the sale of special time and date-specific coupons.
All rates and time restrictions for the use of eTravelTrips vouchers are set by the affiliate Hotel.
You are in control of what we sell and when we sell rounds of golf for your Hotel.

Our members are instructed to call the hotel directly to make reservations.
eTravelTrips only monitors the transaction and distributes the hotel vouchers.

Performance Based Commission Program.

eTravelTrips.com will send each Hotel a detailed report and remuneration for the hotel vouchers it has sold minus any commissions due to eTravelTrips.com through our Affiliate Compensation Program. We are working for you to help drive rounds to your course and because of that; we’ve set it up so that if we don’t sell anything for you, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple!

Here’s How The Travelers Uses The Website:

Travelers buy their vouchers via the website and print out their Hotel voucher (receipt).
Traveler calls the Hotel to make reservation (following normal booking procedures).
Traveler presents hotel voucher when checking in at the Hotel.

More reasons to join!

We provide a safe and secure online checkout system for our customers to buy hotel vouchers. Our gateway is a secure Internet bridge to the credit card payment processing networks providing fast, reliable and secure passage for transaction data making sure that all transactions are settled properly.

hotels gain access to its proprietary online client dashboard where they can manage course information, golf rates, build golf coupons and view all transactional data for their Hotel. Expiration dates and inventory levels can be set to ensure that you sell the right amount of golf at the right time.

Don’t wait to start marketing your Hotel! If you would like to speak with someone directly, or would like more information about our program, please contact us at etraveltrips headquarters.

Contact a Etraveltrips.com Sales Representative at 516-596-4402
[email protected]