Lake Tahoe, California

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Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous result of cataclysmic volcanic and glacial master planning. Lake Tahoe?s North Shore, in particular, is a stunning 180 degree panorama that vividly narrates the impact of that ancient earth shaping.

North Lake Tahoe?s singular greatness draws not only pleasure-seeking visitors from the world?s nations, but also some of the planet?s foremost scientists and policy makers. Respectively, they journey to this only-of-its-kind place to understand its incredible blueness and to ensure that Lake Tahoe remains an icon of pure alpine perfection.

Whether you?re coming to study this fascinating mountain jewel on an academic level, or simply anticipating a few well-deserved days in its radiant light, we encourage you to explore our 11 neighborhoods and revel in the 180 degrees of fun you?ll find only at North Lake Tahoe.

Start your trip with a little sleuthing. Poke around and acquaint yourself with the area. Getting here and getting around is easy. There are videos and photos to sample, fast facts to ?Oooh!? and ?Ahhh!? at, and all kinds of interesting background that will give your trip more dimension.

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