Reno, Nevada

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It’s no wonder more than 300,000 people make the Reno-Tahoe their home and why 5.1 million people visit every year. A chain of high-peaked mountains surround the region in every direction. The geography ranges from high desert hills to valleys covered with deciduous and evergreen trees. A river flows casually through the heart of the city and among an eclectic mix of stately manors, quaint churches, sleek high rises, city parks and casinos. Shopping malls and new residential developments canvas the city limits and are nestled against mountains that offer endless outdoor recreation, and cradle the magnificent Lake Tahoe.

In addition to the area’s spectacular beauty, Reno-Tahoe offers an extraordinary mix of history and culture, world-class ski and golf resorts, 24-hour gaming and entertainment, a mild climate with four distinct seasons, a healthy, diverse economy, and community spirit as strong as ever.

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