Golf Courses in Mallorca

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The superior Mediterranean foodstuff, the fine type of weather conditions and a profound speculation in re establishing Mallorca as the perfect golf break out for the ‘middle class’ Europe. Whether one is going for playing the game of golf or if one fantasizes a world class hotel, one will have a huge smile on their face. If one is setting up on a golf break in Mallorca region, then these are the five golf courses one purely must shell out a stopover to:


Mallorca Golf Spain
Mallorca Golf Spain


Canyamel Golf Course Mallorca

This golf course is among those golf courses that provide with authentic happiness to have fun from the premier hole till the last one. It is a very attractive set of connections and boasts eye catching outlooks by the 4th hole one can view over the rim of a rock face into the dazzling blue waters afar. The tangible design is delicate so one will have the need to consider off the top and be contented to reconcile for thirty six points.

Club De Golf Mallorca

To score a remarkable seventeen by twenty in the ‘Peugeot Golf Guide’ is quite an achievable task for the good golf players. This ‘Trent Jones Jr’ proposes proffers coastal outlooks along amid a superior match of golf. Elongated holes and a number of precipitous slopes make available the hub of the dispute so one should hit ones drives to the accurate spot and constantly strike longer than one think is essential.

Golf Park Mallorca


One of the most modern additions to the Mallorca golf courses is the ‘Jack Nicklaus’ design that has speedily coupled with the positions of the Europe s best. One will have the requirement to be precise in order to achieve well, and move toward shots that necessitate special attention to tackle with the trademark ‘Nicklaus hazards’ – huge greens, bunkers and water. Before now a clients preferred and debatably the ultimate section in the ‘Mallorcan’ golf jigsaw. Now there is no reason of not going on a golf break in Mallorca.

Pula Golf Mallorca

Pula golf course has been a host to the ‘Mallorcan Open’ and that too amid a mount background; this is a golf course which coalesce fine looks amid a pleasurable challenge. In actuality, it is among the most complicated in the Mallorca region and in particular when the storm picks up speed, and to match the Par of seventy is a quite a hard task.

Son Vida Mallorca

In the silhouette of ‘Son Vida s castle’, it is Mallorcas oldest golf course and has ripened well amid the infrequent tug to the outstanding and original ‘Fred Hawtree’ design. Celebrated for its grand greens, it is as well very attractive ambles with a marvelous dine on proffer too.

Though, one should make it certain that one does not discover lulled into a fake sagacity of defense as the back 9 can nibble and the balls used in the game of golf are not economical.


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