Golfing In Brittany, France

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The best time to go golfing in Brittany is – anytime! If you love golf, we are sure you’ll love Brittany. The area offers a variety of courses which cater for everyone from scratch players to those whose handicap is golf itself.

golf in brittnay france
Golf in Brittnay France

Best Golf Courses in France

This picturesque region has golf courses surrounded by amazing scenery. Some hug the craggy coast line, some are to be found amongst the hills, whilst others nestle in the forests. The choice is yours. You will find the best golf courses that France has to offer in Brittany.

It is a superb location for a golfing holiday and there are plenty of flights available.

Anything Goes

You are sure to receive a warm, friendly welcome at all courses and be impressed by the facilities. Perhaps the most appealing feature to some is that teeing off in Brittany is inexpensive and excellent value for money. The courses remarkably uncrowded and the dress code is relaxed. Wearing jeans won’t raise an eyebrow on the golf courses or club houses in Brittany.

Green Cuisine

At these courses the Green Keeper and the Chef are equally important. The quality of food almost rivals the impeccable fairways. Don’t expect fish and chips or a bacon “sarni” after the game. Remember you are golfing in France and your taste buds will thank you for it.

Top Five Golf Courses

There are many gorgeous golf courses in Brittany, so to make things a little easier here are our top five:-

1. Saint-Laurent

This is probably the most famous golf course in Brittany.
The PGA Championship has taken place here on several occasions. This course flows through parkland and is renowned to be tough off the back and easier of the front tee. This course will suit everyone.

2. Dinard

This is not a course for the novice as it is filled with daunting surprises to challenge experienced golfers.
Dinard is the second oldest golf course in France and the oldest in Brittany. Like French wine this course has improved with age. The views of the coast are nothing short of magnificent.

3. La Baule

La Baule is definitely the most popular course in Brittany. It offers two fantastic courses, the Red and the Blue. Most golfers are still unsure as to which course suits them better. You can stay a few days to find out, as the course has its own hotel. Make sure you try out the local restaurants in the evenings and spend time in the thatch roofed clubhouse.

4. Val Andre

If you compare Val Andre to other courses in Brittany it will be classed as the youngster. It was completed in the mid 1990’s and is regarded as one of the top “new” courses in France. The coastal winds provide a challenge as you tee off onto the wide, well maintained fairways.

5. Nantes La Vigneux

Some golfers will relish the challenges of this course (novice golfers may not). The golf course wends its way through woodland and boasts beautiful fairways and is made tricky by the small greens and river Cens. Your score card may not look great after the first round and there will be a lot to discuss at the nineteenth hole. This is a course that will draw you back again and again. You will challenge yourself to improve every time.

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