Great Champagne Festivals in France

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Around the world the Ardenne region is best known for its produce champagne, than its other numerous charms such as its excellent game, out of which many delicious meals have been thoroughly enjoyed. However as well as its appeal to the discerning palate, this region in France has a number of interesting and fun festivals throughout the year.


Ardenne France
Ardenne France

1. Elektricity Festival, Rue du Docteur Lemoine, Reims Cathedral, 20th to 24th March 2013

You could be forgiven for assuming that this festival had something to do with electricity; it is however the name of a music festival which combines urban and contemporary music. Taking place in front of the Reims Cathedral, you can expect to experience new types of electronic music however, as well as a promising line up, put together by the festival organisers.

A firm favourite in the Reim festival and cultural world, it has a good track record (excuse the pun) and visitors can expect to attend some good performances.

2. Europuces Fair in Reims, Reims Exhibition Centre, 2nd to 3rd March 2013

A massive amount of antique lovers attend the Europuces Fair in Reims. Whether you are a seasoned antique dealer, an enthusiast or a bargain hunter, this is the place to be!

European antique sellers have a range of treasures on sale, from furniture to fine art objects, to apparently ordinary every day items. Come to the treasure trove that is the Europuces Fair.

3. Méli’môme Festival, Place de l’Hotel de Ville, Reims, 22nd March to 8th April 2013

Move over Mummy and Daddy, this festival is all about the children! This festival has grown in popularity since its inception back in 1989, and it offers a colourful combination of fun and expressive genres which will be sure to engage your child or children.


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