Hints And Secrets For Visiting A Disney Park

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Hints And Secrets For Visiting A Disney Park These useful tips will help you make the most of your holiday at a Disney Park. Have fun!

— Take a look at a Disneyland map before you go to plan your itinerary and familiarize yourself with the layout, this could save a lot of time in the park.

— Use ‘FASTPASS’ whenever possible, this is a free service that electronically saves a place in the queue for you!


walt disney world
Walt Disney World

— Buy your tickets in advance to save time waiting in the ticket line.

— Arrive early – Ticket booths open half an hour before the gates so you can get to the front of the queue with ticket in hand. Disney   hotels sometimes sell packages where you can enter the Park an hour before it officially opens!

— Take advantage of the Evening and afternoon opening hours – most families with small children sometimes have a break in the afternoon     or go back to their hotel in the evening, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the emptier amusement park.

— Use the rides during the Parade – This is the perfect time to ride as most people will be watching the Parade show.

— Stay at A Disney hotel in the area – Although usually more expensive than a standard hotel, If you reserve one with free parking and breakfast the cost can be quite reasonable compared to the amount of gas/petrol and parking fees you would have to pay for if you traveled by car.

— Watch the Fireworks from Fantasy land – Most of fantasy Land shuts during the display, if you situate yourself by the Dumbo Carousel     and watch the display, you can be the first into fantasy Land queue when the firework display finishes.

— Use your Lanyard – A Lanyard is a device that you wear around the neck to keep your tickets safe and dry.

— Use the lockers at the main entrance – Instead of going back to the car to pick up coats etc why not rent a locker by the main   entrance? it’ll be a lot closer and only costs about $7 a day.

— Organise a meeting place should the children get lost.

— Bring your own bottled water – Vending machine drinks are nearly $3 each!!

— Lines 13, 20 and 21 move faster at the entrance.

— The most suitable for toddlers are;     – Dumbo the flying Elephant     – Casey Jnr Flying circus     – The Monorail     – The Railroad.

— The quietest times to visit Disneyland is early September when the kids have started to return to school and May (which is slightly busier but the temperature is more comfortable).

— Babies – The baby care center is situated next to the First Aid centre on Main street, you can also buy nappies/diapers there.

— Do you like to shop but don’t want to carry everything around with you?  You drop your purchases off at the main entrance  by the news-stand, the Pioneer Mercantile in

Frontier land or the Premier Shop in Tomorrow land.   If you are staying at any of the Disney hotels just show your room key and they will send your purchases to your hotel.

— If you are going to hire a stroller/pram for more than one day then you are likely to receive a discount.

— Join the Queue on the right for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, they may look similar but the left one is longer.

— Singles Line – The larger rides  have a separate line for people on their own,     these queues are usually extremely rapid compared to the standard line.

— Parking tip – pay $6 for the valet parking, your car will be parked straight away without the trouble of having to look for a free parking space.

— Pets can stay in air-conditioned kennels by the mail entrance.

Print these hints and take them with you. Have a great time


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