Mobile travel tips for going down under

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Using your mobile phone in Australia can sometimes end up being quite costly. A trip down under could potentially send you over the top! But with some helpful hints for using your devices wisely, a trip to the land of Oz won’t have you going overboard with prices and protection.


Australia Day
Australia Day



Taking your mobile abroad can turn it into a cash assassin in some places, costing as much as £2.50/min to receive a call. The easiest solution is to leave your phone at home but sometimes this isn’t possible.

Use your mobile abroad and you’ll be “roaming”. This is when you connect to an overseas network and calls are routed via that network provider instead of your home network, this always comes at a vastly increased cost.

If you’re only likely to make a few simple calls, then the easiest way is to sign up for a “don’t ask, don’t get” discounted roaming add-on from your network. Many of the network providers offer add-ons which reduce the cost of roaming abroad, saving Australia visitors some funds while on their trip.

Some of these are free, others require a monthly fee. This isn’t necessarily the cheapest way to save when abroad but it can help costs considerably if it’s just a short or temporarily stay.

Always check with your provider, some carriers offer international calling and data plans, while others are happy to suspend your service during your trip so you aren’t accidentally racking up charges abroad.


Getting a service plan to use your phone overseas isn’t going to do much good if you can’t charge your device.

Find out what types of plugs and voltage are used in your destination, and be sure to pack the necessary converters so you aren’t stuck with a dead phone during your trip.


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